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Wes Craven, Director of Scream and Nightmare on Elm Street, Has Passed Away

This is sad news, indeed.  Wes Craven, director of some of the most iconic horror franchises ever to hit the cinema, has passed away.  He was 76 years old when he lost his battle with brain cancer.  Mr. Craven passed away in his Los Angeles home, as reported by his family.  Horror movie fans, this […]

5 Weird Character Based Kart Racing Games for Android and 1 Edutainment on Wheels Game

Ever since Nintendo released Super Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo, oh so many years ago, companies have tried to copy that specific formula for success with varying results. Sega is one such company that has tried to take their existing stable of characters and create kart racing games with them as the stars (Sonic […]

Kazoos, Bagpipes and Bluegrass: Eleven Weird but Amazing Covers of “Enter Sandman”

Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” has become one of the most iconic rock songs in the 24 years since its release. It is the sixth-most performed song in the band’s library, behind other classics that were all written years earlier. It has been on countless “Greatest x-number of songs of whatever time period or genre history” list. […]

Revenge of the License: Batman: Revenge of the Joker

What happens when one title contains the word ‘revenge’ twice? Nothing: it’s either an editorial mistake, in which case I’ll fix it a year later when all seventeen of our readers have properly derided me as an idiot, or I’m talking about a video game with ‘revenge’ in the title. This week thankfully it’s the […]

Atari 2600 Q*Bert Improved to be More like Arcade Version

The Atari 2600 sure did try to be the arcade in your home, and for a while it was.  The problem is, as time went on things improved in the arcade such as the hardware and challenge provided to the gamer.  Gamers wanted more challenge, more colors, more sounds and the poor Atari 2600 just […]

Renegades Takes Star Trek Truly Into Darkness

It has been a decade since “Star Trek: Enterprise” went off the air, ending an 18-year run with at least one Trek series on the small screen. We’ve had nothing since. But you can’t fault the effort of numerous fan-powered and crowdfunded efforts to convince CBS to give the franchise another go. However, a small […]

Street Fight World to Bring Street Fighter II and Alpha to Atari 2600

Street Fighter II was the one game that sealed the success of the Super Nintendo in the early 90’s.  Sega simply had nothing to compete with it other than pitiful attempts that are best not mentioned in the same breath.  Capcom knew they had a gold mine on their hands based on the success of […]

AI is Coming, and He’s Kinda a Dick

It is quite interesting, this love affair people have with death and artificial intelligence and the evil it could become.  How many movies have you seen that have an artificial intelligence (AI) that has become self-aware and then done GOOD for mankind?  Not many.  Why is that?  People are fascinated with the end times, the […]

Vacation Review – Don’t call it a Remake

When word first surfaced that there was finally going to be another “Vacation” movie coming out, I was more than a little apprehensive.  The original series also known as National Lampoon’s Vacation, Vegas Vacation, European Vacation and Christmas Vacation were all hits in their own rights.  More specifically, they have a cult following that is […]

Windows Phone and Why Publishers are Doing it Wrong

Microsoft is in a unique position with their Windows Phone line, for the most part, they are the only carrier making any money on the handsets if the number of upcoming 3rd party handsets is any indication.  The 635 is the most popular Windows Phone handset available now, according to longtime reporting site, Windows Central.  […]

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