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Crackle Picks up 80’s Anime Robotech

Okay, who reading this can honestly say they have no clue what Robotech is?  For the few that are amongst you that don’t know, Robotoech is actually a mashup of three separate Anime series’ from Japan.  The way networks aired television shows in the 80’s required a certain number of episodes per season- much more than what we see today.  To meet the minimum number of episodes, three similar Anime shows were edited to “fit” within each other.  Similar to what was done with Transformers, which was actually two different toy lines in Japan.  Anyhow, starting tomorrow fans will be able to enjoy Robotech via Sony’s Crackle streaming service.

The reason this is big news is because until now, the whole series has not been available on a streaming service.  At least legally.  For years fans have been uploading Robotech episodes to services such as Youtube and DailyMotion.  With that, for years those streaming services, the legit ones anyhow, have been deleting the illegally uploaded content.

The story behind Robotech is the dream of most kids that grew up between the 30’s and the 90’s.  Quite an age gap there, right?  It is because Robotech brings the basic idea that humans would be able to not only backward engineer alien technology but also master it for our own needs.  This basic idea is a staple of old school sci-fi- that and the idea that aliens are not our friends.  Robotech attacks both tropes in one fell swoop.

A giant alien ship crashes on a remote island and causes an immediate end to the world war that was occurring at the time.  An international team is sent to investigate the mysterious ship and figure out what can be salvaged, if anything.  Well, a lot was salvaged.  What was not expected was the owners might want their ship back and that is when the action begins.

Starting tomorrow (May 15th, 2016) fans will be able to enjoy the series on Crackle.  Sony owns Crackle and has done a lot to bring an interesting mix of AAA quality movies and television shows to the service.  Sony has created original content (Sequestered among others) and even released Joe Dirt 2 on the service BEFORE theaters (to great acclaim by fans).

Source: Crackle

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