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Kidnap is the Feminist Version of Taken

The trailer has just been released for the movie Kidnap starring Halle Berry. The premise is simple, Karla McCoy (Berry) has a son Frankie who was kidnapped by a stranger during a park visit. How far will Karla go to recover her kidnapped child? The trailer does a decent job at demonstrating the desperation that Berry’s character experiences during the ordeal. An experience which is easily empathized by any parent watching the trailer . However, other moviegoers weren’t pleased as they quickly took notice about the similarities between Kidnap and Taken.

Taken was released in 2008 and starred Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills, an ex CIA operative who is searching for his daughters’ kidnappers. Bryan will desperately go through any measures required in order to save his daughter and nothing will stop him. No amount of destruction is too high, no collateral damage is too great to stop Bryan Mills. He can’t count on the authorities to save his daughter as they are too slow or incompetent (he only has 96 hours to find her).  These are some important traits to note about Taken as the preview we saw in Kidnap show us the similarities between the two films.

In the trailer for Kidnap we see that Karla is also willing to put up with collateral damage, and destruction of private property to save her son. The policewomen shown in the trailer also make a point to say that if Karla waits they can file a report. To which Karla responds that if they wait it will be too late.  Afterwards we see that Karla is in the highway causing a massive traffic accident as her incredibly souped up Minivan is heading in reverse on a highway. But, it doesn’t end there as the trailer shows us Karla being shot at, running from dangerous men, and picking up weapons to take revenge on those who took her son.

This is actually highlighted in the trailer as she slams a pipe into someone (or something) while covered in dirt and grime. Now let’s look at the similarities between these films:

  • Both movies are about parents who had a child of the opposite gender kidnapped.
  • Both parents will cause collateral damage in order to rescue their kids.
  • They are willing to get violent in order to rescue their children.
  • The movies disregard authorities as both parents refuse accept help from the police.
  • Take justice into their own hands.
  • The films have high speed chases (Taken 2 in this particular case).
  • In the process of the rescue both parents are exposed to insane amounts of danger without getting seriously hurt.

A serious issue that needs to be highlighted is how these films treat the police. While the police force can sometimes appear slow, we must take into account that child kidnapping cases are taken extremely serious. Especially in the case of Kidnap where the woman knows the vehicle and it has distinct line markings on the front hood. Not only that, it is a teal colored Ford Mustang which is rather distinguishing. If she had gone to the police right away (she couldn’t call as her cellphone had been dropped) they would have probably helped her find the kid. Additionally, how incompetent was the police woman in allowing a person, who is obviously emotionally distraught as Karla was to, leave without providing at least a small bit of information. Hell, she could have said teal blue Mustang with black tape stripes on the hood.

Overall, I say the biggest problem with the film is how the trailer essentially spoils the entire movie. From what can be gathered we know Karla saw her child being taken, she’s going to rescue him at the end, and throughout the film there will be limitless amounts of destruction and endangerment to both the public and herself.


You can watch the trailer right here:

Dash Bomber

Dash The Bomber is a sailor is his 20's with a penchant for goofy, yet deep thoughts. An avid gamer for generations he has played everything from the Atari 2600 to the PC in which he writes his work on. He currently lives in the middle of the ocean and appreciates donations in order to buy goodies from Amazon while deployed (makes his life slightly better). You can help the guy out by donating here: .

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