WWE Release Former World Heavyweight Champion

It is not always fun and games here at the Gravis Ludus offices.  Sure we cover a lot of movies and television shows but sometimes we have to write the “hard” article.  These are people losing jobs, or worse, their lives.  Thankfully, this one is just a job loss as the WWE have released a former World Heavyweight Champion earlier today.  Apparently this split was on good terms according to current information available.

Alberto Del Rio has separated from the WWE on mutual terms according to his .  This is somewhat shocking considering Alberto Del Rio, real name Jose Rodriguez, was recently suspended for a wellness violation (his girlfriend, Paige was also suspended for similar reasons).  He had not even completed his suspension when this separation news broke.  Alberto Del Rio had about nine days left on his WWE Wellness Policy violation.

This is not the first time that Alberto Del Rio has separated from the WWE.  He was released in 2014 for “unprofessional conduct” that was reportedly connected to an employee in catering.  There were at least legal action attempts that sprung up from his firing in 2014.

A decorated Mexican wrestler that defies the norm of mainly luche libre style wrestlers coming from down south, Alberto Del Rio has held titles in the WWE on a few occasions.  He wrestled John Cena for several matches over the United States Championship and he has held both the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship titles during his career.

Some downfalls of Del Rio’s career in the WWE include his time with Zeb Colter which brought fans the “MexiMerica” chant and his time in the League of Nations.  The League of Nations period was probably a low of lows for this talented Mexican wrestler as that was almost an embarrassing stable to be in- almost as bad as the “Social Outcasts” stable.

If you are a fan of Alberto Del Rio then keep an eye for him on the indie circuit- or even possibly appearing in TNA in 90 days (the standard wait time after separation from WWE).


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