Submerged Hitting iPhone Soon

The popular Submerged game that was released on Playstation 4, Windows and Xbox One last year is coming to the iPhone and iPad platforms.  This is a third person exploration style game that is devoid of physical combat.  The point is to explore a city that has been flooded and find your place in this horrifically devoid world.

Taking on the role of Miku, a young girl that is forced to grow up too soon, you are tasked with finding your way in an unknown flooded city.  To complicate matters your little brother is dying and you must find supplies to save his life.  All the while you must traverse sunken buildings, flooded streets in your boat and avoid the dangers of scaling unstable structures at every turn.

There is no combat in Submerged so exploration is key.  You can mess up and let your brother die though and I believe that is a bad thing in the game.  Also, there are dangers to be aware of in Submerged.  It is not safe to scale buildings that have seen far better days and the fauna is always growing and changing the layout of the city so you are constantly on your toes.

Many would compare Submerged to Tomb Raider, partly because of the female protagonists in each game, but Uppercut’s game is unique in there being no combat whatsoever.  Sure, in Tomb Raider you would go long straits without combat but it was always “just around the corner”.  Not so in Submerged.

Submerged is the fifth game by Uppercut Games after Epoch, Epoch 2, SnowJinks and Danger Dodgers.  Submerged is coming to the iPhone 6 range of cell phones and newer iPads on September 7th so fans need to prepare now (clear the weekend for some good quality exploration).

Submerged by Uppercut Games
Genre: Third person exploration
Platform: iPhone 6+ and newer iPads
Rated: Unknown at this time
Available September 7th on the iTunes App Store

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