Drop Dead Fred Remake Happy Update

Craftmumthingz writes – So I have great news for all Rik Mayall fans who were furious that the movie Drop Dead Fred was to be remade. I was one of you furious fans who believed no one but the late Rik Mayall could or should play this part.

This childhood favourite of mine from 1991 was said to be up for a revamp with Russell brand taking over Rik Mayalls spot as Fred. Dennis McNicolas  was said to be writing the script.

As they saw it, the reboot would be in the tone of Beetlejuice and would “build a universe around the concept of imaginary friends.” It sounds a little bit like they really wanted to adapt the gag in which Fred meets a bunch of other imaginary friends in a therapist’s office into a whole movie.

Whatever you think of Russell Brand, Hollywood’s infatuation with the comedian as a movie star ended when that film Arthur bombed, so there would actually be an inverse problem with casting him in the lead here.

As many people have pointed out especially furious fans of the late Rik mayall, Russell Brand would never do the part justice, in fact no one would

The last we heard of it?

There was some press coverage that mentioned the potential remake and the surge of conversation about the original on Facebook and Twitter, but we doubt that anybody anywhere was suggesting that now was the time right or ever will be.

Why won’t it happen?

Mayall’s brand of hilarious comedy was just too tough to pin down when he was around and we can’t imagine it’s gotten any easier now that he’s sadly left us. However, it’s probably safe for us all to blow a big fat raspberry in the direction of this dormant revamp.

Goodbye Snot Face!

I for one think this was a god send, and we can carry on watching this movie the only way it should be made… Staring Rik Mayall.





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  • mickeyGfunk

    i generally never like remakes, but if drop dead fred HAD to be remade, i think russel brand would probably be the best fit. i can’t imagine anyone else chasing down pigeons with a shovel with the same candor. also, i don’t understand this article… is it implying that all the fred remake talk hasnt amounted to anything and got scrapped?

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