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Scream Queens Season 2 First Look Video Released

The original season of Scream Queens put the show on the map for many viewers.  Word of mouth advertising helped bring the series to the top of the charts in many demographics.  Now, Fox has just released a “First Look” video for season two of Scream Queens which features comment clips from some of the cast, some scenes we can expect in the next season and more.  The question I have is, are you excited for Scream Queens season two or not?  Maybe the setting of season two will help push naysayers over to the excited crowd.

Scream Queens season two is set in a hospital.  This is probably making more than a few people reading this wonder what the hell?  Season one was based on a college campus.  Season two is the story of the Chanel’s and others after college.  This is no ordinary hospital either, this hospital has a unique past, similar to the college in season one.

Things go awry rather quickly for the surviving members of the sorority, and surviving family and friends.  Each week will apparently tell a bit more of the backstory of the hospital while detailing the weird medical cases that the hospital staff are looking after.  This is going to be a mess rather quickly, I think.

There is no word so far on if the Red Devil would return (possible) or what villain will take over in the hospital.  I have my money on a patient or doctor of some sort that has their real identity obscured enough to keep the mystery alive.

Fox has found some success with horror related television series.  They are launching a television series for The Exorcist and previously had spooky drama’s on the network including but not limited to The X-Files and Eerie Indiana among many others.

So who is excited for Scream Queens season 2?  Did you survive season one wanting more or were you fed up with the series by the end?

Carl Williams

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