Puzzle & Zombie Puzzle Review Android ZTE ZMAX 2

Puzzle games and zombies- two categories that are extremely popular on mobile platforms.  Puzzle and Zombie mixes the two and it works quite well.  See, there was apparently a zombie apocalypse and you are one of the survivors of this travesty/gaming boon.  As one of the few survivors it is your job to rescue other survivors.  If you ever played “rivers” in Kyodai then you know what to expect with Puzzle & Zombie and its match three gameplay.

Now, for a match 3 title to have much impact in today’s mobile world it has to be something unique.  There are simply TOO many of these games on Android and iPhone to be able to stand out from the crowd on just your looks.  There has to be a “hook” to get gamers to download your title over the 20 to 30 that surround it on the various app stores.  Puzzle & Zombie has that hook.  You are not playing the traditional match three Bejeweled game here.  You are instead playing a variation of “rivers” a version of match three that requires you to move the whole line or column at once.

Rivers opens up strategy that traditional match three games cannot offer.  You can make several matches with one move.  Also, you have the ability to set up matches by sacrificing a move or two to create a massive combo via positioning the various icons.

While the bottom of the screen in Puzzle & Zombie is full of icons that represent ammo, health, etc the top portion is where the action is.  As you complete areas you will come across survivors and zombies alike.  Using your skills with the puzzle game you can wipe out the enemies that you face.

If you are sick of match three games then you won’t have your mind changed by Puzzle & Zombie but for people like me, this is a fun romp through a post-apocalyptic world.

Puzzle & Zombie Arena by Crab Soft
Genre: Puzzle, Bejeweled
Platform: Android (ZTE ZMAX 2 used for review)
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: E 10 for Everyone 10 years and older
Available now on

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