Top 5 Creepy Possession movies

We all enjoy a good horror but its hard to find a great possession movie that doesn’t bore you to death. so I decided it was time for a top 5 list of such movies to help you find the perfect ones.

The exorcist:

It wouldn’t be a possession list with this movie added now would it. this fantastic horror classic set the bar high for all possession based movies. This tale of exorcism is based loosely on actual events. a young girl called Regan starts acting very strange. She starts levitating and speaking weird so her mother seeks medical help only to hit a dead-end. So the mother turns to a priest who believes the girl is possessed by the devil and requests an exorcism. Safe to say the devil inside does not want to play nicely.

The haunting in connecticut:

This movie had me hiding behind pillows and squeezing my eyes shut tight. A young man Matt receives a cancer diagnosis  so his parents get a new family home closer to his doctors. All is well at first untill matt becomes increasingly disturbed by paranormal activity in the house. His mother turns to a priest for help to banish the ghosts in the house. Not long after matt takes a sudden unexplained turn for the worse and the lives of everyone living in the home are endangered.

The Evil Dead:

This movie is fantastically funny rather than scary although it does have some chilling scenes in it. Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) girlfriend and 3 friends hike into the woods to a little cabin for a fun night away. they find an old book the necronomicon whose text wakes the dead when the words are read out loud. The friends read them and unleash a flood of evil, leaving them fighting for their lives.

Insidious chapter 2:

The first insidious movie I didn’t really enjoy but the second one got my attention for sure. Soon after their showdown with evil spirits that possessed their son, the Lambert’s are ready for their lives to go back to normal. They come to realise something is still seriously off, especially with Josh who unknowingly is possessed too.  The call in their friends the paranormal investigators to investigate the past so they can save their future.


Lastly another amazing possession movie that scared the s**t out of me. During a party in an abandoned asylum, teenagers perform a ritual that leads to a violent possession. After they become trapped in the building, they try to uncover the asylum’s dark past to survive.











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