American Horror Story Season 6 Revealed

Hey guys as you know American Horror Story is actually just around the corner now and fans heads have been a buzz of speculation, including my own with all the promo trailers being pushed around the web.

The mystery of the name was meant to stay under wraps untill FX felt they were good and ready to reveal what season 6 was to be about. A few media publications may have spoilt that for FX this week. First rotten tomatoes listed the new series as American horror story the mist before later removing the title . Entertainment weekly found an image in the latest issue of the tv guide, that also lists American horror story as The Mist  in the fall tv schedule.

The name matches in with the promo released on august 12th. While that title might seem cryptic, it could be taking inspiration from Stephen King’s 1980 story The Mist, about a town overtaken by a heavy fog populated by terrible creatures. After all, that does seem like a premise Murphy could have a lot of fun with, and that mid-August teaser pretty much shows us exactly that.

No official confirmation has been given, but this scoop could very likely have been brought to you by a digital review aggregator and old media. Or it could all be a hoax. What a time. So what do you guys think about this, do you think we might see a next level in supernatural for AHS or could it possibly be a final miss leading leak, if not then some body has made a large mistake letting this information out before they are ready.

I have been a big fan of the series that came before and with every installment it has upped their game with more bizarre characters and even more disturbing story lines. With what we already know about this upcoming release and now with what appears to be a “leak” of where the story is coming from it leaves it open to some very large and very scary potential, I for one can say I am very excited!
Bring on the next level AHS I’m ready for you!







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