Who Will Be Our Next Freddy Kruger?

So guys you have all probably heard by now that A Nightmare On Elm Street is being remade and will be coming to the big screen once again in 2017. I do not give a flying S**t what anyone says you can not beat the original.

In 2010 A nightmare On Elm Street hit the big screen once again as a reboot of the original from 1984. I hit the Cinemas all excited for the 2010 reboot but boy was I disappointed. Unfortunately for me the actor Jackie Earle Haley just didn’t really put the fear in me that Robert Englund as Freddy Kruger did.

Haley did do a good job with the laugh but that was about it for me. I did not like the way they changed Freddy’s facial scars to make him look like a real burn victim they should have left the make up how it was meant to look.I didn’t like the way that they went too much into what he did with the little children either. We already knew what he had done we didn’t need it shoved in our faces the way it was. The 2010 movie was killed by critics, though it grossed $115 million worldwide, turning a very good profit for the studio.

1984 Freddy:
2010 Freddy:

So whats happening with the remake of the remake:

Apparently David Leslie Johnson (“Orphan”) has been hired to write the script. The Burned boogeyman of nightmares Freddy Krueger will return once again to haunt fearful teens dreams. The role was made famous by Robert Englund before Jackie Earle Haley took on the razor glove in 2010, though the slasher role will more than likely be recast with a younger actor this time around.

Stop spoiling horror movies please, you keep spoiling the horror movies I grew up watching. Dear Mr producers, writers and directors, sometimes sure a remake is a great idea but, A Nightmare On Elm Street needs left well alone. You destroyed the story in 2010 and you will destroy the story in 2017, when will you learn just to leave awesome movies the hell alone.





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    Jared Leto

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    We want a REAL!! Freddy not Leto as freddy-half-ass joker Krueger.

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