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House on Pine Street Reminds Viewers Showers are Scary

Okay, ever since Psycho, starring Anthony Perkins, movie goers have been reminded just how scary showers can be.  Now imagine that you are a seven month pregnant woman returning to a hometown that you never really wanted to visit.  Couple that with all of the wild things your body goes through during pregnancy- after all you are growing another person inside of you, there are going to be changes going on.  That is the plight of Jennifer, portrayed by Emily Goss, and her returning to her hometown in Kansas along with her somewhat estranged husband.  That is not even bringing up the weird stuff going on in the bathroom.  House on Pine Street is wrong on so many levels for this one.

See, Jennifer has suffered a mental breakdown out of the blue (are they ever expected?).  Luke, portrayed by Taylor Bottles, is the estranged husband that is trying to cope with the changes.  Jennifer not only has to keep her marriage alive along with being pregnant but also deal with her mother butting in whenever possible (portrayed by Cathy Barnett).  That is a handful in and of itself right there.  Add in that they just moved into a new rental home and the stress that brings to a relationship and the fun hasn’t even begun yet.

Okay, I kept you waiting long enough.  That damn shower scene will make anyone worry about being in the shower alone, hell in the house alone for that matter.  See, Jennifer is taking a shower and all of a sudden the lights go off, the shower curtain opens and she thinks it is Luke, her husband.  We see a pair of hands rubbing on Jennifer’s neck and stomach and she scolds Luke.  Jennifer gets out of the shower and turns the lights on and begins drying herself off.  All good, right?  Well, Luke walks into the bathroom and Jennifer gets a shocked look on her face.  Who the hell, if anyone, was in the shower with Jennifer?

Yeah, told you this movie would remind you that showers are scary.

House on Pine Street releases on September 30th on Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, VUDU, Xbox and Playstation Network.

Carl Williams

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