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Horror Movies I Could Never Watch Again

Everyone has something they are afraid of and in my experience horror movies tend to feed that fear one way or another. I admit when it comes to horror movies I can be a downright wimp, but hey that’s the point of them right? I’ve watched a lot of horror movies over the years but I found some which I could never watch again through pure fear.  Here’s my list, hope you enjoy it.

Stephen kings IT:

This movie scared the shit out of me. If it wasn’t for my husband’s constant nagging for me to watch it, I don’t think I ever would have seen it. I have a huge fear of clowns you see, so to watch a movie of an evil clown that eats children is class-A, petrifying for me.

Woman in black:

Although most of you think this film was pure S**t for the scare factor, it scared the crap out of me. I don’t know what it was but the awful ghostly old woman was enough to make me not want to look or watch it ever again. I don’t even know what happened at the end as my eyes were covered that much.


Yup ghosts! I don’t do very well at all and as you can see from this trailer that’s what it’s all about. I was literally terrified by this movie, especially the part when she starts to appear under the bed sheets.

The Others:

Once again ghosts, and this time ghosts a plenty. the twist in this movie was great but I couldn’t walk around the house in the dark after watching this movie.

Poltergeist 2015:

Not the original but for me just as scary if not more. The only reason i wont watch this movie again is the clown *shivers


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