Blame Seth Rollins or the Buckle Bomb Move?

Seth Rollins, the self-proclaimed “Architect of the Shield”, is quite the wrestler isn’t he?  He went from one third of one of the more dominant factions in WWE history to holding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and then lost it due to injury.  All of that resulted in him rehabilitating and returning and jumping right back in the title run, this time for the Universal Championship, which debuted earlier this week at WWE’s Summer Slam pay per view event.  The real question surrounding Seth Rollins is, could he be TOO dangerous in the ring?  Spoiler alert if you have not watched the Summer Slam pay per view yet.

First at Night of Champions against “The Icon” Sting, Seth Rollins delivered a seemingly innocent “Buckle Bomb” move that he has used many times.  The Buckle Bomb requires Rollins to pick up his opponent like he is going to power bomb them but instead he charges a corner and throws his opponent into the turnbuckles.  As I mentioned, this seems innocent enough, though probably hell on the shoulders and upper back of the person receiving the move.  Sting apparently received a career ending injury to his neck with this move.

More recently we had Finn Balor take on Seth Rollins in the match to decide who would be the first Universal Champion.  This match occurred at the Summer Slam pay per view (PPV) and again, the Buckle Bomb was used and resulted in an injury to the person receiving the move.  Finn Balor will be out for at least six months to have shoulder surgery to repair damage suffered from being thrown onto the guard rail around the ring.

In wrestling there are plenty of moves, moves that are deemed too dangerous to be used in the ring.  One popular, former staple of wrestling, is the pile driver move.  It was banned due to high chance of injury.  Are the days of the Buckle Bomb in WWE numbered or should we look at Seth Rollins, the only man performing the move right now, with a more critical eye?

Carl Williams

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