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The Vampire Diaries Season 8 Evil Damon Returns

As the date for the finale season of The Vampire Diaries season 8 draws near, some details for the TV series are being revealed little bit by little bit. Recently, the titles for the first three episodes were reviled. The title of the opening episode may suggest that Damon will be returning to his evil former self.

It looks like us The vampire diaries fans are going on a trip down memory lane in season 8, as it has been reported that all the episode titles in the final season will be derived from actual lines that are in the 1st season.

Episode 1: Named “Hello brother”

Now just the title of this one made my heart race with excitement as I’m Team Damon all the way and always have been. I know all you hardcore fans like my self can picture the very first time those words passed his lips. *swoon* For those of you who don’t know, it was Damon’s (Ian Somerhaulder) first spoken line in the pilot episode.
Reports suggested that Damon  may be going back to his old self. The one we remember him being, when he first entered the show with a Raven by his side. (Anyone else wonder what happened to the Raven lol) (Hi, bird)

Episode 2: Named “Today will be different”

Ok who got it straight off the bat without looking up where the title came from. (my hands in the air) For those who didn’t get it, they were Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) exact words which she wrote in her diary during the pilot episode. At the time of this diary entry she was still trying to cope with the tragic death of her parents.

Episode 3: Named “You decided that I was worth it”

Now that Bonnie, Stefan and Caroline will be trying their hardest to save Damon and Enzo who disappeared from the vault in the last season, the episode title may be related to the situation the two characters are currently faced with.
so guys there you have it. the first 3 episodes have been named. I think I need to start watching the first season again tonight as its got me all excited. Also its said that they wont be using magi much in season 8, reported TV Line, as bonnie’s (Kat Graham) power disappeared.
I will leave some links below of other TVD news I have covered, just incase you missed it. Also I will leave The vampire diaries season 8 promo trailer just incase you missed it.

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