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Face it Hideo Kojima Might Have a Fetish for Young Girls!

There is zero doubt in my mind that Hideo Kojima is a wonderful creator. Kojima is the director of the Metal Gear Solid series, which is ridiculously popular. Considered a troll creator by his fans Hideo Kojima loves trolling his fanbase almost as much as he does insulting it. But, due to the controversy surrounding Quiet from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, we were given an opportunity to peer into this wonderful man’s psyche. While Kojima’s views on women can be perceived by analyzing the Metal Gear series, it was thanks to an interview regarding Quiet that this became clearer.

I’d like to clarify that by no means am I calling Kojima a pedophile, he is not and in fact there is no evidence regarding this matter. But, he does probably like younger women/older teenagers. If you take a look at all the female characters from the series, they were mostly young women, such as: Meryl, Mei Ling (who had a much larger role in 4), Eva, Emma, Paz, Naomi, Quiet and even Sniper Wolf all looked extremely young in their initial appearance. While this was done for sex appeal it hints towards his taste in women. But, this obviously isn’t concrete evidence and as such we must analyze Kojima’s birthplace, Japan, for further examination.

Japan is notorious for it’s views on younger women. In Japan if you were over 25 a girl and unmarried you would have been considered damaged goods. While the ages of these characters could vary (with some being older than others their appearance was still that of women in their 20’s). But, considering Kojima is very much an older Japanese gentlemen it wouldn’t be a stretch to consider his views similar as this is a sort of considered old fashioned these days. Furthermore, Japan is notorious for cosplay and in the interview mentioned earlier Kojima himself stated he wanted people to cosplay as Quiet.

Cosplay, as not many people know, is dominated heavily by women in Japan. It is stated that for every 1 guy in cosplay there is at least 7-10 girls who do the same in the country. As a visitor to Japan I can vouch that this statement is true, and you’ll mostly see women cosplaying at any given convention. But, of those women the majority are also girls who range anywhere from 16 to 25 years old with a heavy inclination to somewhere in the middle of these numbers.  If Kojima wanted someone to be capable of cosplaying as Quiet they would have to be young and rather fit. But, don’t take my word for it. Take a look at this tweet from . It wouldn’t be crazy to think that Kojima simply wants to see images of his idealized women in real life. Especially considering that despite her shapely body, Quiet is rather plain looking (in the face department).

While all of this is speculation, with Kojima anything can go. He is a man who loves his art and probably loves women even more. There is no denying that his characters are awesome and mostly likeable (with the exception of Huey obviously). But, as far as his taste in women goes, he better stay away from the young girls! I know they’re cute, but he is still an old man! I understand cultural views in Japan are rather different to the rest of the world. Yet, this is no excuse since his products are viewed globally. As such when we view characters who are jam packed with fan service, we view them through a  different lens.

The Metal Gear series should still be played by gamers everywhere though. They are an unique experience, and a mix of movie/game which not many others can hold a candle against. But, again Kojima should probably keep his views on women more to himself and less on his games.

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