Exclusive Interview With As December Falls

As December Falls is an alternative Pop-Punk band from Nottingham (United Kingdom), female lead vocalist and three talented guys make up this kickass band. Their work has a nice fresh sound to it and a great feel, they came to me on Twitter and I am so glad they did, it was an absolute pleasure getting to know the band a little bit better. Doing this interview I got to find out some great things about the guys as they have been very kind to share some of their story with me as you will see when reading the interview below.
Exclusive interview with the band As December Falls.
Interview carried out by Alix. J
Via e-mail on August 25th
Questions highlighted with Q and answers with A and R for response to answers.

Q. Firstly, how many members in your band and names?

A. Four members, Bethany Curtis on vocals, Ande Hunter on lead guitar and backing vocals, Bambi Brown on Rhythm guitar and Lukas James on drums.

R. That’s great and I must say some interesting names there, Bambi Brown being the main one to jump out at me.

Q. Who writes the song and who writes the music?

A. We don’t really have a set formula for writing. We all write our own parts but usually work together by throwing suggestions around.

R. That’s really great that you can work together like that to produce such a great sound!

Q. The band name is very unique what made you choose the name “As December Falls”?
What other names did you go under if any?

A. We decided on the name whilst in the studio recording our first EP. It really represents the band coming together in December; we had a full line up and the demos were written. It all fell into place as it were. We’ve only ever worked under the As December Falls name!

R. That’s fantastic having a name that represents the beginning of the band and each year a lovely reminder too of where you all started.

Q. How long have you all been playing together?
Q. How long have you known each other?

A. We’ve been a band for just over two years and we’d never played together before that. We only actually know each other through this band, all having been asked to join by one way or another, which is crazy considering we’re all pretty much family two years later.

R. your chemistry is so natural you can really feel that as a band you have all bonded and work really well together through your music and to feel as close as family is just again natural with so much chemistry!

Q. Any funny moments during a performance or shooting a video you can share?

A. Too many to count! The owner of the maze where we shot Capture was a pleasant, elderly chap who was adamant that we definitely must be on cocaine and kept asking if we could share some with him. Our first ever gig, Ande managed to get himself locked in at work and only made it to the venue ten minutes before we went on stage which was interesting.

R. I am pleased you could select a few for us. No way how ridiculous is that to be accused of being on Cocaine and on top to be asked to share some with him I don’t know if that’s all round funny or a little frightening ha-ha and yikes getting locked in at work before a gig that’s crazy! But hey at least he got out just in time!

Q. Pet hates or bad habits, Who’s guilty of what?

A. We get on really well and hardly ever argue to be honest. Although Beth does get grumpy when she’s sleepy which can make touring entertaining 😉

R. That’s awesome! Plus, who doesn’t enjoy winding up the tired and grumpy?!

Q. Who inspired you all as a group and personally to play music?

A. We’re really quite varied in our inspirations and between us we listen to a lot of different stuff. Main inspirations that you’ll hear influencing our music include You Me At Six, Fall Out Boy, The 1975 and Kanye West.

R. Yes I can see even as a collective influence to your music there is a lot of differences
All very successful artists and great choices!

Q. Who would you like to be as big as and who would you love to play with?

A. Kanye West. Seriously though we’d love to tour with Panic! or Fall Out Boy.

R. Top choices and I am sure you will get your chance guys!

Q. Plans for the future what can we expect?

A. We’re in the studio in September, working on three new singles that will be spread over the next year. Beth and Ande are going to start making more YouTube covers on the side and we’re about to start writing a couple of acoustic songs. We’re looking into booking another UK tour next year and who knows, we might even hit up Europe!

R. That’s fantastic news! I look forward to seeing the cover work and with a little luck maybe even catching a gig during the UK tour and getting a follow up interview face to face!

That was my interview with As December Falls!
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