Zellweger Speaks Out About Slated Movie.

Bridget Jones’s Baby the third movie in the Bridget Jones franchise, will debut next month. It marks Renee Zellweger’s return as Bridget after more than a decade! Has it seriously been that long? Like the first two movies, Bridget Jones’s Baby involves a love triangle well its wouldn’t be the same if it didn’t now, would it.

In previous movies, she starred with Hugh Grant and Colin Firth. This time, she will have to choose between Firth and Patrick Dempsey. Similar to the previous ones, of course Bridget Jones’s Baby is not free from controversies.
When Zellweger was tapped to play the titular character, she was criticized because Bridget a represents a British heroin apparently…hmmm not so sure on that to be honest lol.

This time around, the movie, Bridget Jones’s Baby is being slated due to its content once again. Some say it has a “slut shaming” element.

In an interview with The Sydney morning herald the 47-year-old actress put in her 2 pence on the issue. When asked about her initial thoughts while reading the script, she answered she did not think about it in terms of its morality. Apparently, she did think that the movie ever slut-shamed pregnant women. The award-winning actress further said that she was looking at the quality of the writing and whether it made her laugh. (Hmmm even despite the fact that they are making a joke out of a lot of mums out there who are having to face this in real life)

During the interview, Zellweger also opened up on her issue with aging. “You have to work in the morning and you go oh my god,” she said about the long days of filming.

The movie is set for release on Sept. 16, and I for 1 are looking forward to reading the reviews.


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