Transformers: Last Knight Plot Rumor.

The latest Transformers movie has been in production for a while now as most fans would know. So far the plot details have been kept under wraps. One rumor circulated around a while back but it wasnt confirmed to be the truth untill now. Warning this is a spoiler moment enter at your own risk.

According to a video on michael bays Instagram, they are busy shooting on location somewhere in the Scottish highlands. The words “Scotland” “Here” and “mountains” can be heard over the roaring helicopter hovering in the background. I know what your thinking… “why the hell is this important”. Well the rumor that was reported going around first by JoBlo was that the Last Knight was going to be something to do with The legend that is King Arthur.
Here is some pictures from bonnie wee Scotland for you guys. just incase you havent seen them.


The big guy Optimus Prime was said to head back to his home planet (Cybertron) only to find it as a complete mess and totally ruined, he need some kind of artifact to help bringing his dead planet back to life. Where is this special artifact? Earth of course, where else would it be. The artifact is somehow tied to the super famous wizard Merlin who helped Arthur become King. The best place to find anything to do with King Arthur of course is Great Britain of course.

The BBC also Grabbed some photos of the set where the actors can be seen wearing medieval amour , clothes and riding horses. I gather I could be a flashback scene, but hey who knows. I myself am really looking forward to the new movie and the fact that im a Brit myself (Gasp) is even better lol.
who’s getting their butterflies of excitement?


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