Civil War Strikes Avengers Academy Mobile Game

Avengers Academy is an Android and iPhone “time management” coupled with school development simulation.  Anyone that has played any of these games is probably familiar with this one already.  Particularly Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, another Tinyco release.  For many, these types of games are simply cash runs for some faceless company- for others they are fun time wasters.  I am in the second category.  Earlier this year I reviewed Avengers Academy for Android.  Civil War has just started in the game, based loosely on the movie that just released.

The idea of Civil War is that Iron Man and Captain America can’t get along and well they are fighting.  Captain America wants to train harder to defeat Hydra enemies.  Iron Man’s Tony Stark simply wants to build robots to do the fighting.  I am not sure why they can’t just do both and be done with it.  The other members of the Avengers team have to pick a side.  This aspect is loose in the Avengers Academy so far because I am quite new into it (it just started less than 36 hours ago).  What has occurred so far is interesting though.  There are plenty of additional characters and outfits for old characters made available (for fees of some sort- either in-game earnings or flat-out buying the items needed).

New characters that have appeared already include Winter Soldier, Black Panther and Wonder Man.  Black Widow has received a new outfit (after I unlock it).  I am expecting more as the event goes on.  For now, while early, it has been fast paced- not a lot of 4+ hour actions clogging the activities board.  This was something I had a problem with in the Guardians of the Galaxy event that closed last month (and I was late to).  4+ hour events were rampant in that campaign.

Head over to or iTunes to grab the update if you haven’t already.  Head here to read my review of Avengers Academy if you are unsure about it being worth your time.

Carl Williams

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