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Netflix Stranger Things Big News Announced

Stranger Things is a cult classic that is quickly breaking through to the mainstream.  Netflix has a hit on their hands and they know it.  The first season was a short, measly, eight episodes that only left fans wanting more at the conclusion of each piece.  Now Netflix has made some big news concerning Stranger Things.

Season two has been confirmed.

It seems that there is a ton of stuff that the creators, the Duffer brothers, wanted to include in season one but did not have time to do so.  During season one we were given just enough tidbits of the overall story to make us wonder just what the hell is going on?  For instance, there is the “upside down” that was barely scratched in the first season- hopefully season two will show more of the upside down and what is going on there.

I did a spoiler free review of the first season of Stranger Things.  There I discussed the “feel” of the series and how cool it was.  This is how scary Netflix is getting though.  They are scary good at picking up the shows that their viewers will like.  Whether it is Orange is the New Black or comedy specials, Netflix has a knack for picking up the shows that more and more people are wanting to watch.  I explored the reach of Netflix in “Will Netflix be the First Successful Streaming Network?”

Apparently during its first week on Netflix, Stranger Things bumped Orange is the New Black off the top of the heap as most popular original series on the network.  That is quite an accomplishment for a series that had just debuted and was completely unknown by most and grew mostly on word of mouth.

Stranger Things season two is being considered more as a sequel by the creators than “season two”.  What that means is kind of murky at the moment but as I know more, you will know more.

Carl Williams

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