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Pretty Little Liars: Blast From the Past

With the upcoming season of Pretty Little Liars only weeks away, the crew is meeting up for table reads. And it’s been revealed that a blast from the past will be returning. Remember Noel Kahn? He’s Baaaack!

Brant Daugherty is reprising his role of the handsome heart-breaker who was last seen before the five-year time jump. Before his previous departure, it was revealed that he was an accomplice for Ali and her disappearing act and faked demise.

During his time in Rosewood, he had romantic relationships with Aria, Mona, and Jenna, but then he kind of disappeared. So what are his motives with his return? Is he a good guy, a bad guy? Is he working with Uber-A or is he coming to help unmask her? Only time will tell.

Brant Daugherty hasn’t been totally out of work during his absence. He competed on “Dancing with the Stars” and he will be seen in the third installation of the “50 Shades of Gray” movie franchise.

Other news coming from show frontrunner, I. Marlene King, is that a wedding will take place in the upcoming and final season of Pretty Little Liars. But who will it be? Stay tuned to find out as more news comes in.

Pretty Little Liars return for it’s seventh and final season on June 21 on Freeform.

Jordan Zeitler

Jordan Zeitler is 33 years old and lives in St. Louis, MO with his partner of 5 years. He enjoys spending time with his children and his friends. As a published writer, he writes short stories, stage plays, and poetry. In his free time, he escapes the real world by watching a lot of movies and TV. He also stays current on all aspects of entertainment news and politics. Jordan also served in the military for 8 years and is an advocate for veteran rights. Jordan has devoted a lot of his time to a small community theater company as the Production Manager. He also started a Youth Theater Program to educate kids about theater, singing, and improvisations. He hopes to someday publish the next great American novel and own a theater company of his own.

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