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Las Vegas Receives New Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin is not all that new anymore, it has been around for about eight years.  What is new is how people are able to interact with Bitcoin.  More and more retailers are accepting this cryptocurrency as more and more people are using it.  That is where the intrinsic value of Bitcoin lays- actual usage.  Sure, a lot of people will hoard it and save it hoping it shoots up in price but investing is just one small reason to be involved with Bitcoin.  As the Bitcoin world grows, more people will discover the benefits of using it and with them, more retailers will begin accepting it.  Out in Las Vegas, I am in Arkansas and that is how we talk, there was recently a new Bitcoin automatic teller machine installed (ATM).  This machine allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin, all you need is money/Bitcoin, a Bitcoin wallet and a cell phone to verify purchasing/selling.

Located in the main hall of the Arts Factory, accessed via the Downtown Crown Pub, this ATM stands in front of a wall that depicts information on Bitcoin.  This tie-in with a bit of education surely will help more people understand the value Bitcoin offers them.

This Bitcoin ATM is owned and operated by National Bitcoin ATM.  This company now has 10 ATM’s that deal in Bitcoin across the United States.  There are plans to install more ATM’s in the future.  On their site they have a list of the ATM’s they have operational, addresses for them.  Also on their site are contact information for anyone wishing to either own a Bitcoin ATM or host a Bitcoin ATM at their business.  As more people use the cryptocurrency, surely more businesses will see the value in having these ATM’s available.

Getting Bitcoin is easy, you can buy from an ATM like this one, play games to earn them, buy from friends or .

For more on National Bitcoin ATM check out their website.

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