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Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing Coming to Mobile

While gamers here in the United States were a little late to the whole Fire Emblem phenomenon it still has picked up more than a few fans.  The first Fire Emblem game that we got here in the United States was on the Game Boy Advance.  Animal Crossing, a title that started life on the Nintendo Gamecube, along with Fire Emblem, is headed to mobile smartphones releasing soon.  This is interesting as even Nintendo cannot afford to ignore the smart phone market any longer.  For Nintendo to make titles for non-Nintendo hardware is almost unheard of, only a few times have they opened the gaming vault and done this in the past.  Is this a sign of things to come?

Nintendo promises that these two new releases will be far more gaming oriented than their first mobile release- Miitomo.  For instance, with Animal Crossing there will apparently be tie-ins to the console version that open new things in either game.

Fire Emblem has been promised to be friendlier to smart phone gamers- no word on if this means an easier game or just reworking the controls for a touch screen.  Nintendo has stated that there will be a lot of strategic role-playing value in Fire Emblem when it gets released.

As I said earlier, it is nothing new for Nintendo to branch out and support non-Nintendo platforms.  It is new that Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing will be overseen, if not programmed by, Nintendo themselves.  In the past we have seen Mario and Zelda licensed out for the CD-I console by Philips and Mario hitting the PC-98 (Japanese computer).  Anyone that has played these knows they are not exactly up to snuff for even the casual fan.

What Nintendo bred properties would you like to see brought over to mobile?   Advance Wars maybe?  How about Zelda or even Super Smash Bros?


Carl Williams

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