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Full Android Comes to Chrome

It is nothing new to see “some” Android apps running on Google’s Chrome Operating System.  What is new here is that apparently Google has plans to enable running just about ANY Android app on your Chrome OS device.  This is rather interesting news as for the most part, Android apps are not made to run on a large display.  This could end up being similar to what Microsoft is attempting with Windows 10 and the whole “Universal Windows Platform” thing, just in reverse.

Chrome Books are slowly picking up steam with consumers, partially thanks to their low-cost and ease of use.  Google has slowly but surely added new capabilities and features to the Chrome operating system.  These additions, changes and new features made the cheap laptops all the more interesting for value tech minded individuals.

A while back Google added a few Android applications here and there to Chrome OS.  It has been rather sparse since then though.  For many, these minor releases of Android apps was just an interesting anomaly.  For others it was just a tip of the hat to something much bigger.  We seem to be nearing that announcement now as it has been discovered that Google plans on offering some form of integration between Android and Chrome OS.

Over on Reddit “TheWiseYoda” has made a thread showing off a new setting in Chrome OS v51.  The setting is worded as “Enable Android Apps to run on your Chromebook.”  The problem with this is the fact that this little setting quickly disappeared from their screen.  Others on Reddit have been able to not only tick the box and were rewarded with a quick flash screen stating “Google Play store now on your Chromebook.”

What do you think?  Will Android and Chrome OS eventually meet on an official level or was this possibly a mistake of a developer option slipping out to a release?

Source: Reddit here and here

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