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Grey’s Anatomy: Alex and Jo?

In series that is known for great romances and big break-ups, I have always hoped that Alex and Jo would go down in Grey’s Anatomy history as one of the great ones. After numerous proposals and an equal amount of rejections, we finally got an explanation from Jo as to why she won’t marry Alex. […]

Grey’s Anatomy: Dr. Torres & Dr. Yang Will Be Back?

There has been a lot of speculation and rumors regarding the upcoming season of Grey’s Anatomy. Rumors of big character returns are among the most popular and as the mill turns, we are starting to get validation, kind of. Can we expect the return of Dr. Torres & Dr. Yang? Jordan ZeitlerJordan Zeitler is 33 […]

Grey’s Anatomy Stars: What Else Have They Done?

With the season wrapped up until fall, one of my favorite things to do is watch movies and/or other series that my favorite TV stars have been in. Grey’s Anatomy is packed full of great actors that have done some great work besides this hit shows. *For complete credits, click the links provided. Jordan ZeitlerJordan […]

Grey’s Anatomy Says Good-bye To Fan Fav Character

After 12 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, we have had out share of characters leave and left our hearts broken in their wake. After Dr. Yang left, and then Derek, we hoped it would be a while before we endured another loss but that isn’t the case. Jordan ZeitlerJordan Zeitler is 33 years old and lives […]

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