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Marvel Avengers Academy Welcomes Spider-Man

Okay, the latest event for Marvel Avengers Academy has just launched- this time featuring Spider-Man and some of his friends, and foes.  This is another add-on special event, unlike the recently ended “British Invasion” event.  Spider-Man’s special is more in line with the Guardians of the Galaxy and Civil War events that featured special new sections added onto the base Marvel Avengers Academy game.  We have two new sections this time.

First is Oscorp which is located to the left of the academy.  Since I just started this quest, I am not sure what is going on there other than Dr. Octopus and Norman Osborn are there.  Apparently these two have set Spider-Man up, framing him for some crimes in the area.  Osborn wants to bring down Iron Man also.

As with most special events of this scale, there will be plenty of unlockable characters to earn.  Among them this time are Black Cat (one of my faves from the Spider-Man comics), Spider-Gwen, Spider-Ham, Venom and of course, Dr. Octopus and Norman Osborn among others.  Wasp (journalist) and Black Widow also have new costumes to collect.

Android Avengers Academy Spider-Man

As with past events, your mileage may vary as the event continues.  Some tips to maximize your success include:

Focus.  Don’t worry a lot about doing things that are not directly helping you in the current story event.  This includes possibly skipping longer chores (for me, 8 hour chores are “overnight” when I am not likely to be playing) till later in your day.  This keeps the maximum number of characters available for those quick (one to five-minute) chores that pop up with decent rewards.

Use Shards Sparingly.  This could be considered a no brainer but a lot of people get impatient waiting for characters to finish chores.  Let them.  Tinyco already throws you a slight bonus by letting you end the chore with less than 30 seconds left for free.  Use that instead of paying one to three shards just because you are impatient.

Get Free Shards.  Take advantage of the free shards that you can earn by watching advertising.  You get one shard for each ad you watch.  There are usually 10 ads per day.  That means you can earn about 300, or so, shards per month.  Some characters are not much more than this so it is conceivable to get certain characters for watching a few ads.

The Spider-Man event has just started so you have plenty of time to get in and still enjoy it.  Just pay attention to the chores available, their rewards and the amount of time you have available to play.

Marvel Avengers Academy is available on and the iTunes App Store.

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