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Pokescout Expands Information Available in Pokemon GO

Anyone still playing Pokemon GO? If so, you are probably enjoying the new gyms around town thanks to the Sprint deal. There is one inherent problem with the digital monster collecting game though. A problem that Pokescout addresses. This could be a game changer for those still playing. Carl WilliamsIt is time gaming journalism takes […]

DirecTV Now Review

It is kind of weird reviewing a television service provider but here it is. DirecTV Now just launched and there is a bit of buzz about it, some from confused people. What DirecTV Now offers is just what it sounds like: access to DirecTV without having a satellite dish outside and all of the trouble […]

Minotaur Visual Novel More than Pretty Graphics Available Now

When you think of visual novels, you probably think of dating sims with very limited actions and storylines. That is most definitely not what Minotaur is about. This release is more of a kindred spirit to the classic Snatcher by Konami than it is a strict visual novel. There is an actual honest-to-goodness adventure engine […]

Clip Layer Improves Copy and Paste on Android

Microsoft is probably not the first name you think of when you think Android. That has not stopped them from working really hard to become synonymous with the platform. For the most part, Microsoft’s offerings have been more business oriented and squarely aimed at the corporate or self-employed professional. How many people in everyday life […]

Transformers Forged to Fight Coming to Mobile Devices

We knew it was just a matter of time before we got a one on one fighting game featuring the Transformers franchise. I know, on consoles this has been done already, somewhat, I am sure. On mobile devices, it is another story. On Android and iPhone, we have seen strategy games and that Clash of […]

Rumor – T-Moblile Has Google Pixel Available to Look at but Not Buy

Have you ever visited a store and been told you can look at a product but cannot buy it there? That is precisely what is going on at T-Mobile stores right now. Currently, this is only in regards to the new Google Pixel cell phone. This is rather interesting since the Google Pixel is being […]

Earn Bitcoin with These Apps

Earning money on the Internet by doing little is the dream of many and the life of few. While you won’t be buying a new yacht or packing your luggage for that Paris vacation in three weeks using these apps, you can certainly pad your pockets a bit. All of these apps have one thing […]

Morphite Answers No Man’s Sky Emptiness with Worlds of Action and Drama on Mobile Devices

When No Man’s Sky was announced, and throughout development thereafter, fans were excited. This was possibly the new age Elite on modern platforms. What fans were met with was less than stellar: well, a lot of emptiness. Morphite looks to fix those fans right up with a game that combines No Man’s Sky levels of […]

Review – Fairway Solitaire on Android

Solitaire games are a dime a dozen on the various app stores. We have covered one or two here and there such as Microsoft Solitaire (review here). While the Microsoft release featured many variations of Solitaire, Fairway Solitaire features one: golf. You may be thinking this is going to suck, only having one variation available […]

Review – Kill Shot Bravo on Android

We don’t cover a lot of war related games here on Gravis Ludus. Mainly because there are simply so many of them that it is often hard to keep track of what is what. One that stood out to me was Kill Shot Bravo by Hothead Games. While I try a lot of these style […]

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