Pokescout Expands Information Available in Pokemon GO

Anyone still playing Pokemon GO? If so, you are probably enjoying the new gyms around town thanks to the Sprint deal. There is one inherent problem with the digital monster collecting game though. A problem that Pokescout addresses. This could be a game changer for those still playing.

To put it simply, Pokescout gives you information on the gyms in your town, the next town over, in Chicago or where ever you want to look. It sounds like a simple thing and it is. That is why it is one of those “why hasn’t this been done before?” type apps.

I don’t have this problem where I live as there was literally only a couple of gyms around me. That meant those gyms were heavily fought over and, well, I never built up my Pokemon to even come close to what was holding those gyms.

If you are in a similar situation then please continue reading. Pokescout has partnered with Lyft and Uber to give users of this new app one free ride to a Pokemon GO gym. That is pretty cool–just remember to bring money as you will need to probably get a ride back home.

With this app you can view information on the Pokemon GO gyms and see which team is dominating in your town. Also, by using Pokescout you can find out which team is leading the first gen round as we prepare for second gen.

Pokescout fixes the problem of not being able to see very far beyond your current position. This sucked for a lot of gamers that may have lived “near” a Pokemon GO gym but not close enough for it to show up on their maps. It also fixes the problem for those that have to travel to reach a gym–now you can find out if it is worth your time to make the trip or not.

Source: Pokescout website

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