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Earning money on the Internet by doing little is the dream of many and the life of few. While you won’t be buying a new yacht or packing your luggage for that Paris vacation in three weeks using these apps, you can certainly pad your pockets a bit. All of these apps have one thing in common: the level of work required is extremely low, at least for the actions I chose to earn payouts in many of them. Most of these apps offer Bitcoin payouts (we will have another article for other apps that pay in Paypal, Amazon, and Google Play, among others). Getting your earnings should not be a problem.

Let’s get some terms out of the way first.

Long term apps are those that will take more than a few days to earn anything. Either due to low payouts per action or high withdrawals, these are the apps you can expect to take longer to see results.

Short term apps are those that you can get a payout in a day or less. This may not be a big payout; it may be a buck but it is better than nothing.

Clicker apps are ones that only offer clicking a claim button as your means of earning.

Clicker Plus apps offer simply claiming your earnings in addition to the opportunity to speed up earnings by downloading apps/games and watching additional videos.

Downloader apps are ones that you earn via downloading apps or games to increase your earnings. These may also offer a smattering of “watch this video” opportunities or “visit this website and do ‘x’ action” to earn.

Notice – Nearly all of these apps will show video ads when you click claim, this is how they earn the money to pay you.

(referral linked) does offer a few interesting perks if you are willing to trade Satoshi for them. One thing that is interesting is that Claim Bitcoin is one of the few apps on this list that has a referral program in place (any help by readers is greatly appreciated).
Upgrades in Claim Bitcoin are as follows:
Reward Multiplier – this gives you more Satoshi per claim for each level you pay to upgrade. The first upgrade is 1,000 Satoshi for 1.05x rewards. Level 1.1 is 2,000 Satoshi. Level 1.2 is 4,000 Satoshi.
Timer – speeds up the timer. 1,000 Satoshi will remove one minute from the timer bringing it down to 29 minutes. Dropping it to 28 minutes will cost you 2,000 Satoshi.
Referral Earnings – Default is 50%. 52% will cost you 1,000 Satoshi. The next level will obviously be 2,000 Satoshi.
As you can see, it costs more to upgrade to the better earning options.

is a Short Term Clicker app that pays on a set day of the week (Sunday) as long as you have a minimum Satoshi amount available (10,000) by Saturday. Half hour increments between claiming nets you 300 Satoshi per claim. No way to speed up the timer with Bitcoin Farm though. I have cashed out from Bitcoin Farm.


is a Long Term Clicker app. I say long term because it will be more than a week before you see payout. Claim Bitcoin pays on the 25th of each month if you have the minimum of 10,000 Satoshi in your account. Every 30 minutes, you can claim 300 Satoshi simply by clicking the claim button.


BTC Safari (referral linked) is another good one. Low payout and easy to reach. They do daily payouts if you are above the minimum. What is unique about BTC Safari is that you earn up to 350 Satoshi per claim (every 15 minutes)–my average is about 250 to 300.


by Iapinalex. This is one of the “long term” apps on this list. Bitcoin Maker: Claim Free BTC is also a Downloader app. If you are not happy with just clicking the claim button every 30 minutes, you have a couple of options available. You can pay a small amount to speed up the timer, download apps/games, or watch videos for more earnings. I have not earned the minimum to cash out yet.


is a Short Term Downloader that may be worth your time to rack up a bit of Bitcoin quickly. First, appBit is a Bitcoin wallet that you can use (think of a Bitcoin wallet like you would a normal physical wallet–it holds your money). You can also earn with appBit via downloading and trying out apps and games. Each entry has a short description of what is expected of you and a value associated with completing it. I have seen a few actions not go through using appBit, but this could have easily been due to me completing the action via another app prior. There is no minimum payout, though there is a couple of days wait to cash out to your wallet. I have received payment from appBit. You can use appBit to receive payments from these other apps if you do not have a Bitcoin wallet already (I use and Circle myself).


There you go, several apps that can help you get started with Bitcoin without spending money to do it. Please note that most of these apps will show you an ad (either static image or video or interactive) after clicking the claim button. This is how they pay the bills. Not all have referral links available–the ones that do, and are used in this article, are clearly marked. Your support helps us continue bringing you original articles such as this.

Know of a good Bitcoin earning app that we missed? Send us the link via the contact link at the top of the page or tell us about it in the comments below.

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