Former Grey’s Anatomy Star Has No Plans to Return for Final Season

It is only natural when a show goes on as long as Grey’s Anatomy has that fans develop a connection with the stars, either the characters they play or the person themselves.  This has happened with many of the longtime characters in this hospital based drama over the course of the last 12 seasons.  We have seen major characters die, leave and yet to return and we have watched as they struggled with day to day life throughout season after season.  This is why it is tough to hear that a former major character portrayed by a certain actress will not be returning anytime soon.

Sandra Oh recently stated that she has no plans to return to Grey’s Anatomy “…anytime soon.”  This was in response to spur of the moment questions presented to her by Entertainment Weekly Canada during the premiere of “Catfight”, a new project for the busy actress.

This is crushing news for fans as Sandra Oh played Doctor Cristina Yang for more than 10 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy.  We have seen Dr. Yang and her love interests grow as not only doctors but as human beings we could connect with via our televisions on a weekly basis.   Grey’s Anatomy has been quite successful in transcending the media connection and becoming part of many fans’ lives as each episode unfolded with love, tragedy, triumph and more.  Not many shows achieve that connection with their fans.

Knowing that we will not see Dr. Yang make a return anytime soon is something many fans, myself included, did not want to have dashed like this.  Until now there always was that chance that next week we could see a surprise return of one of our favorite doctors.  Now we know that is not going to happen.

Was Dr. Yang a favorite for you or are you glad to know she won’t be back?

Carl Williams

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