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Paranormal Society Hidden Adventure Launches on Amazon and Android

New hidden object adventures are a dime a dozen on the various app stores.  Go ahead and look.  I will wait.  Back?  The problem is, not all of these hidden object games are good.  G5 Entertainment have a reputation for releasing some of the better adventure games in this genre.  Their newest, Paranormal Society, has just launched on Amazon and Android app stores.  Fans of these know what to do.  Links at the bottom.

Set in Victorian London, Paranormal Society features 14 characters to meet and talk with, over 30 ghosts that will require “helping move on” and four different styles of puzzle to twist your mind.  Adventure games are no fun if there is not enough content to keep you interested.  Paranormal Society has plenty of content, over 500 quests for you to complete in this hidden object title.  To say you won’t beat them all in one sitting is probably an understatement.

Considering how popular ghost hunting shows are on television and how the horror genre is making a resurgence in theaters- it only makes sense that game publishers get in on the fun.  While the story of Paranormal Society is “out there” and won’t be seen in the “reality” ghost hunting shows soon, it is at least somewhat interesting.

You play as a young woman who was able to see her husband’s spirit leave his body and join the other side inhabitants.  With this knowledge getting out somehow, you are offered membership in the Paranormal Society who have been tasked by the government to stop specters from being a nuisance to the living.  I said it was out there.

Hidden object adventure fans, here you go.  You will probably want to have a larger screen device when playing Paranormal Society though.

Paranormal Society by G5 Entertainment
Genre: Hidden object adventure
Platform: Android
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: E for Everyone on Google Play
Available now on and the

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