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Review- Sudoku Quest Android ZTE ZMAX2

Sudoku, the number puzzle, which was oh so popular a few years ago still holds on to some fans myself included, is branching out a bit.  Sudoku Quest is an interesting take on the classic puzzle game.  Similar to how Puzzle Quest breathed new life into Bejeweled games, SQ expands the basic game just enough to make it interesting again.  As the title suggests, there is a quest to be had here complete with role-playing elements such as gathering items and talking with people.

Other than the adventure trappings placed between the puzzles, there is not a lot different in Sudoku Quest.  The base game is what you remember- don’t mess with success.  The developers have added a few new modes for the puzzle game that have been realized in more recent years.  There are multiple, irregular shape, puzzle boards to complete for instance.  Also, the numbers are color coded making it easier to tell at a glance what number goes where.  This helps immensely especially if you are going for record times on each board.

There are reportedly over 600 levels to be completed in Sudoku Quest.  While that sounds like a lot, a few years ago, I was going through as many Sudoku books as I could (up to the intermediate difficulty and then returning to many as I got better).  600+ levels may fly by for you while many players may find it a chore to get through some of the early levels that have the difficulty ramped up just a bit.

Levels pull from several styles of Sudoku including:
Evil Sudoku
Squiggly Sudoku
Killer (Samurai)

Yeah, good luck beating all 600+ levels here.  The story may be enough to compel you to continue your trek.  It is an enjoyable romp through number puzzles but the story doesn’t affect the actual gameplay.

Sudoku Quest by Hashcube
Genre: Number puzzle
Platform: Android (ZTE ZMAX2 used for review)
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: E for Everyone on Google Play
Available now on .

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