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Power Rangers Zordon Cast as Bryan Cranston

It is no secret that Rita Repulsa in the new Power Rangers reboot is being played by Elizabeth Banks.  We also know the actors and actresses playing the multi-color Power Rangers team.  Now we can add knowing that Bryan Cranston is portraying Zordon in this reboot that is set for March 24th, 2017.

A lot of sites are calling this casting of Bryan Cranston a surprise.  Such as WeGotThisCovered.com who called this casting “unexpected”.  It is interesting to note that this is not the first time that Cranston has been involved with the Power Rangers.  Bryan Cranston was the voice two of Rita Repulsa’s monster cohorts in the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers television show.

This is quickly building up to be an interesting reboot of a hugely popular television, and sometime movie, license turned cinema again.  Lionsgate is pushing this reboot with careful fingers out to fans and it seems to be working quite well.  They are trickling out the details about the characters, actors and actresses and events that we can expect to see in the movie come next year.

With the hugely popular Breaking Bad behind Bryan Cranston now it is interesting that he would take a role in a movie like Power Rangers.  Considering Bryan Cranston had a role on the show previously it is not all that uncommon for him to at least be interested in returning to his earlier acting days.

As he says on his , he is “excited to play #Zordon in the #PowerRangersMovie!”  This is not a tweet from someone taking a role just because they need money.

What is the next surprise announcement we can expect in relation to the upcoming Power Rangers movie?  If you were not interested before, now that Bryan Cranston is connected, are you interested in the Power Rangers reboot?

Carl Williams

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