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Forgotten Tales Day of the Dead Review

Day of the Dead in Mexico is a time when the gates of heaven open.  Souls that have moved on can return to visit friends and family that are still alive.  This is a special day for the culture of Mexico and one steeped in tradition.  It is also an idea that has not been done to death in gaming.  Forgotten Tales Day of the Dead is a solitaire card game available for PC’s via Steam.

The story here is that the true love of your character, Maria, has been kidnapped by an evil spirit.  Help Manuel save his love and along the way help many spirits rest easy in the afterlife.  Come on, you know you have never played a game with that deep of a back story before.

There are a TON of Solitaire games like this on Android and iTunes, with many popping up on various online stores for computers.  That means it is going to take something more than just pretty graphics to stand out against the competition.  Forgotten Tales Day of the Dead has the ingredients it needs to stand out, all it needs is for fans to look in its general direction.

Celebrate the Day of the Dead by helping one spirit at a time.

I have been hooked on another, similar, solitaire game Fairway Solitaire.  As far as play mechanics, Forgotten Tales and that game share a lot in common- it is in the core of the genre.  There are cards strewn about the screen and there are cards you pull from.  Match the next number up/down from the one you currently have drawn to keep playing.  Can’t make a match, draw a card.  Simple.  Forgotten Tales brings a lot more than just that to the table.

Some levels have cards that are on fire, some that are locked and require a key that is hidden in the level and more.  Other cards give you a boost such as additional cards or destruction of cards in the pile.

Along the way through the story in Forgotten Tales you will meet a lot of characters who have needs or are capable of helping you.  You can’t really say no to them but their needs or offers of help can definitely impact your progress.  This adds a bit of challenge to the card flipping situation you are in.

Solitaire fans will want to check this one out.  If you are a First Person Shooter fan who cut your teeth on Call of Duty or Modern Warfare then look elsewhere.  Forgotten Tales is clean family fun about heritage and culture.

Forgotten Tales Day of the Dead by Green Sauce Games
Genre: Solitaire
Platform Steam
Available now on Steam Store

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