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Worms 4 Released by Team 17 on Android and iOS

The Worms series is basically just that old physics game that we all played in school (well, if you went to school in the mid 80’s).  That one that required you to take into account wind, angle and power of your shot (think of it as a precursor to Angry Birds, somewhat).  Worms takes the basics of that game and updates it with new graphics and fun trimmings that we could only dream of back then. 

Get ready for more style quips referencing modern entertainment.  You know, stuff that ultimately dates these games.  Also in this release are updated graphics, better controls and improved menus designed for mobile devices.  Thank goodness they are finally focusing on the little things.

Taking a cue out of the Angry Birds book, scoring is based on the three star formula.  You either love it by now or hate it.  Either way, it is here to stay.  Social integration is included in the overhead map and multiplayer- another “addition” that you either love or hate in modern games (sharing your social media information).

It is not all “quasi-bad” though.  Team 17 have added new, over the top, weapons to play with, new audio clips and of course new sayings.

There are In App Purchases to deal with but that is seemingly the norm today.  The kick in the wallet is that Team 17 are charging $2.49 for entry on top of IAP.  They have also blocked playing Worms 4 on Android TV.  Give and take it seems.

Titles like Worms 4 just bring up the furthering fragmentation of the Android market.  Not all devices are supported (most tablets and phones but not Android TV) and it sucks.

Worms 4 by Team 17
Platform: Android
Genre: Physics/shooter
Rated: Everyone 10 and up on Google Play and 9+ on iTunes
Available now on  and the iTunes App Store

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