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Battle Mahjong of Lunatic Night Mixes Light Role Playing with Solitaire Mahjong

We have seen the mixing of light role-playing elements and other genres many times over the years.  We have seen Bejeweled taken down this road in many titles, most popular of which was probably Puzzle Quest.  For the most part, the titles that have taken this road have been met with success.  Battle Mahjong of Lunatic Night is a new take on this mixing of genres.  Mahjong, by nature, is a single player one board at a time affair.  With Battle Mahjong of Lunatic Night you are collecting potions, building characters, etc.  Completely different from the norm.

The idea here is that rather than just playing random boards that are picked off of a menu, in Lunatic Night you are following a story, working with characters and more.  The icons that you are matching are appropriate for the change in the style, now you are grabbing gold, health and matching creatures.  Definitely an interesting change of pace.

There are purportedly over 200 levels to fight through, boss battles to put your ass in your place and unlockables left and right.  This is all outside of the idea of Mahjong but is right in the bread and butter of role-playing games.  There is also a crafting and upgrading system available, not many role-playing games offer that, even today.

Battle Mahjong of Lunatic Night by Big Ship Soft Corporation
Platform: Android
Genre: Puzzle
Rated: Teen
Available now on

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