4 Game Show Style Slot Machine Games Worth Playing

Slot machines are a staple in casinos, many are placed near entrances to attract people walking by. The lights, fanfare at winning and noise created helps bring in passerby better than a professional sign flipper can ever accomplish. Here we have collected a handful of licensed slot machine games on Android that are worth playing by anyone that even has the remotest inclination to gamble (but not the funds to do so).

First up, .  While not a licensed Wheel of Fortune slot machine, Slots of Fortune does feature a wheel that you can spin for a bonus.  As far as this list is concerned, Slots of Fortune is the closest to a normal, three reel, slot machine.  Featuring a maximum of five pay lines, daily bonus’s and tournaments help make Slots of Fortune a one armed bandit simulation worth playing.

is one of those newer multiple reel slot machines featuring a ton of pay lines and several additional themes for seasoned players to unlock.  Winning in Monopoly Slots is accompanied by a lot of fanfare that really drives home the winning spins.  There is a cool little mini game involving picking the right cloud to “make it rain”.  Picking the wrong cloud results in just plain old rain while the correct cloud can mean coins or even diamonds.

is a collection of many slot machines, bingo boards and more.  For your bang for the download, since these are all free, you can’t go wrong with GSN’s offering.  Slot machine aficionados will enjoy the Wheel of Fortune and Deal or No Deal themed slot machines (there are others too) while those inclined to other casino games will probably enjoy Blackjack and Video Poker.

is pretty cool in that the various slot machines are themed after different games on the show.  Contestants Row, the Big Wheel and other show tidbits are represented in unique ways here, adding to the fun.  Fans of the show definitely need to check this slot machine game out, it is worth the download.

While these may not be the best slot machine games out there, they each offer something unique and fun.  Pulling on familiar themes helps bring in players just like having the fanfare near the entrance of a casino would.  Download and enjoy, that is the point of playing games, right?

Carl Williams

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