Do We Really Need Another Paypal Payment Option?

Today, Paypal opened up their new payment portal option that is supposed to make it easier for people to send and request money from people.  This is supposed to be easier than going to the main Paypal site and then logging in and then remembering the address of the person you are trying to send money to.  It probably is but will it catch on?  I mean, even Snapchat allows people to send money to other Snapchat users.  We have Square and Venmo in similar fields, or about to be, and countless others that are trying to make it easier for people to roll cash around on the Internet, for a fee of course.

I have logged an account on for myself to see how the service works and it was rather painless to setup.  I just went to the website and logged into my Paypal account and then had to go through the usual screen name decision process.  My first choices- CarlWilliams and CWilliams were both taken so I chose my initials, WCW and surprisingly the WWE hadn’t secured this payment address yet so I grabbed it.

My address looks like this:

Go ahead, check it out, you don’t have to send money to see how it looks on the web.  To send a certain amount of money you just tack on /$ where the “$” is the amount you want to send.  Say you want to send me $5, you would type this into your browser-

Then hit send and, if you need to log into your Paypal you would do that and then click send and it is a done deal.  Pretty simple.  The question now is will people adopt this new payment process and make it flourish?

Since has just launched today there are no concrete numbers of early adopters or what have you so we will have to wait on that information.

About Paypal:
Paypal allows websites and merchants to accept online payments via convenient merchant services.  Payments can be made through an easy to understand payment gateway using a credit card, bank account or another Paypal account.  Since Paypal is global it is easy to perform an international transfer of funds.  Paypal recently separated from their parent company, Ebay.

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