RevErsi Quest Brings Battle Othello to Xbox One, Exclusively

When D3 Publisher released Puzzle Quest years ago I am sure they did not realize the floodgates they were releasing.  Since then there have been a metric ton of copycats to that formula and more than one “sequel” if you use the term loosely.  We have seen these battle elements added to many two player games over the years.  There are 2048 games that use battle elements, there are other match 3 games (of course) and many more.  Now, with RevErsi Quest we can add Othello to that list.

RevErsi Quest is coming exclusively to the Xbox One later this year.  Pollyanna Inc are listing this one as a tactical board role playing game.  Many gamers will recognize this as Reversi since Othello is a trademark owned by Hasbro.  Either way, it is the same game.

Featuring nine chapters in the main story means that you are going to be battling in the land of Otherlia Island for a long time.  The challenge is in meeting the enemy, collecting loot on the battle field and still coming out the victor.  There are squares that have boosts on them that can either help or hinder you in your adventure.  The map may look like it is a linear affair but the dice rolling helps add a bit of randomness to the proceedings- you are not likely to land on the same tiles each game.

I have to say, this is one of the more interesting “battle” games that I have seen over the years.  If I had an Xbox One, I would definitely be checking this one out upon release.  I am a sucker for battle games like this.

RevErsi Quest by Pollyanna Inc
Genre: Tactical RPG, Reversi
Platform: Xbox One, Exclusive
Rated: E for Everyone
Available: July 15th, 2016

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