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DC Comics Super Heroes on Multiple Networks- Good for Business or Bad for Fans?

Right now there are plenty of super hero television shows and movies.  This plethora of entertainment should be enough for any fan of the genre.  The problem is, a lot of it is spread out amongst competing companies.  Whether that be different television networks or movie studios, it stifles the one true thing that can […]

Pokemon TV App Receives Update, New Episodes Added

Pokemon is one of those television shows that I figured would run a few seasons and be done.  I was obviously wrong.  I thought the same thing about Power Rangers when it first debuted (and I am a huge fan of giant robot shows).  Anyhow, Pokemon is going strong on television, collectible card games and […]

Hulu Finally Adds Expiring Soon Notification

Who else finds it annoying as all get out when your digital media service of choice removes content without notice?  This is especially annoying when you are in the middle of a season and the contract is up so it simply disappears.  This has happened a few times, especially with movies I discover late in […]

Marvel Puzzle Quest Celebrates Second Anniversary with New Characters and Television Commercial

In today’s gaming world it is becoming rarer and rarer for game publishers to even bother with a traditional television commercial- unless it is a game by King.  Well, the team at D3 Go! have decided to do just that for their title, Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign which is celebrating its second year.  D3 […]

Amazon- Too Big or Doing it Right with Chromecast and Apple TV?

Recently, Amazon has been in the news for their decision to not carry the Google Chromecast and the Apple TV device.  Now, in the past, Amazon has carried these devices and probably sold quite a few of them for their “competition” but now, since Amazon is pushing their Prime TV service, which may be the […]

My Little Pony S5E16 – Rarity Investigates — Here’s looking at you, Dash.

Good Heavens! Two Rarity-centric episodes in a row? A rarity, indeed! Yes, this week, we’ve got our lenses focused on “Rarity Investigates!”. The title is probably one of the most direct we’ve had in the show, given the series’ penchant of spoofing classic titles of movies, books, and famous phrases, but it sells the idea […]

My Little Pony S5E14: Canterlot Boutique–Fashion Friction

You know, I hadn’t actually intended my review of “Inspiration Manifestation” to come right before another Rarity-centered episode. It was a complete coincidence, I swear. Nevertheless, hello again, and welcome back to Season 5 of Friendship is Magic! I figured I might make this a regular column, seeing as I love to discuss new things […]

My Little Pony S4E23: Inspiration Manifestation–My Little Addiction

You know, if you’d have told me about four years ago that I’d make about twenty or so new friends and become seriously into writing thanks to a show about pastel-palette ponies originally made by the girl who helped make The Powerpuff Girls and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, I’d have probably called you insane […]

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