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New Psychological Horror Mobile Game, Sara is Missing, Available Now

Everyone knows about “found footage” horror movies such as the Blair Witch.  That is a genre that goes back to the early days of video cameras being cheap enough for the average person to buy them.  Sara is Missing brings that idea to the modern age in a “found cell phone” game that is genuinely […]

Friday Nightmares: The Resurrectionist by Wrath James White

Do you like to be scared? Maybe you’ve worked your way through the back-catalogs of Stephen King and Dean Koontz, and now you want to read from a different letter of the alphabet for a while. Or maybe you’re feeling jaded and numb, because all those other horror lists have the same damn books by the […]

Windows Horror Gaming Fans Receive In Fear I trust via Steam

Just in time for the fearful fun of October we see 1C publish via Steam for Windows a new psychological horror game.  In Fear I Trust is a first person mentally twisted mission to mess with your gray matter between your ears.  Not since the days of the Sega CD and Mansion of Hidden Souls […]

Second New Blair Witch Trailer Released

Having grown up in a wooded secluded area of central Arkansas gave me an inherent respect for the woods.  That is why when I first watched The Blair Witch movie I was probably a little more emotionally invested than most people watching it.  The first one was a decent horror movie, we did not need […]

Sinister Edge Brings Psychological Horror to both VR Headsets and Normal Android Handsets

It is not all that often that you will see a new title that supports cutting edge technology like virtual reality headsets and another, less technically impressive format such as normal handsets.  That is why it is so interesting that Sinister Edge, a new horror title, does indeed do that.  Sinister Edge purports to be […]

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