New Psychological Horror Mobile Game, Sara is Missing, Available Now

Everyone knows about “found footage” horror movies such as the Blair Witch.  That is a genre that goes back to the early days of video cameras being cheap enough for the average person to buy them.  Sara is Missing brings that idea to the modern age in a “found cell phone” game that is genuinely disturbing at times.  For the best experience, play on your Android device, if you don’t have one then obviously go for the computer version.  Either way, Sara is Missing is disturbing.

Found cell phone games are quite new to me so please forgive me if this is a genre that I completely missed.  Upon installing Sara is Missing you are greeted with what appears to be someone else’s lock screen on your phone.  This is amazingly immersive and begins to become slightly disturbing as you play.  This literally feels like you found someone else’s cell phone.

You play as a person that has found a lost cell phone that belonged to someone named Sara.  As a psychology based adventure game you must use her phone to decipher the clues that will reveal if Sara was kidnapped, simply lost her phone, or worse.  This is a mystery only you can solve. Sara is the former owner of the cell phone that you now hold in your hands and from the looks of things, something bad happened to her.  How you interact with the available files such as pictures, messages, e-mails and even the personal data assistant on the phone will determine how the story unfolds.

Interaction with the cell phone assistant is multiple choice so you don’t have to worry about typing the right thing.  You will get a chance to view videos, chat logs, and more from Sara’s personal life in your attempt to find her before it is too late.  Immersive is probably an understatement for Sara is Missing.  This is 1,000 times more immersive than ever was.

If this is not a genre, it needs to be.  Now.

Sara is Missing by Monsoon Lab
Genre: Adventure, Found Cell Phone, Psychological
Platform: Android (ZTE ZMAX 2 used for coverage) and Windows PC
In App Purchases: No
In App Advertising: No
Rated: Mature 17+ on Google Play
Available now on and

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