Vudu Launches Free Streaming Service

It is interesting to note that more and more companies that control a lot of digital content are getting into offering a free option to viewers.  This is obviously movies and television focused as we won’t see Steam allowing similar things to happen with their gaming library anytime soon.  One early company to find success with digital distribution of movies and television was Vudu (it helps to be owned by Walmart, I am sure).  Recently Vudu announced their new “Vudu Movies On Us” service.  This is their answer to those of us that are too cheap to pay to rent movies and television shows or to buy them.  Think Crackle, or the old free Hulu (which is no longer available) where you got to view a lot of content for free (in Hulu’s case though, the good stuff was kept behind a paywall).  Now Vudu is in on the free streaming, with limited commercial interruption, game.

First of all, the complete library of movies and television shows that Vudu has the rights to distribute is not available in their Movies On Us service.  That would probably be a bad idea, at least for their bottom line.  Anyhow, what you do get are a few thousand television episodes and movies to enjoy- all for just the cost of your Internet connection.  You can enjoy movies like School of Rock, True Grit, horror classic Carrie, newer stuff like Winter’s Bone and more.

The Vudu Movies On Us service is available on any platform that can install the Vudu app.  This includes Roku and most Android cell phones such as the ZTE ZMAX 2 (which I own, that is why I am mentioning it).

For many that are living by the skin of their teeth, yet find money for high speed Internet, Vudu Movies On Us may be a really good option.  There are movies available here that are not available on Netflix, Hulu and other similar services.



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