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Google Wants to Know- Would You Use Drone Based Video Download Assistance?

Users of the Google Rewards App are used to random questions popping up in their usual surveys.  Sometimes these are simply Google’s way of making sure you are human and that you are paying attention to what you are reading.  Other times it seems they are preludes to what might come within technology.  Such as a recent question on many Google Rewards users screens- “What if a drone-based service existed to facilitate video download for poor internet connection (see image below or an overview of how it would work).  Would you be interested?”  Well, would you?

For many this is a mute question as they have high-speed internet connections already.  There is still a large portion of the people in the United States, or even the world for that matter, which do not have access to reliable high-speed internet though.  Either way, would you use such a service if available in your area?

The way I see something like this working would be to have drones flying around that have onboard storage of the movies that are available.  Of course this would not be EVERY movie on Google Play that would be ridiculously out of the question.  Think about this though.  What if, while searching Google Play you were shown a time stamp along with the search results?  This time stamp would represent approximately how long it would take a drone with that movie available to reach your location.  This way there would not have to be copies of every movie on every drone.  There could be redundancy with regards to new releases but older stuff could be more sparsely shared out based on criteria that I am sure Google is keeping track of for users in each geographical area (they have to serve ads somehow, right?).

So, would you use a drone service to watch movies quicker, especially in low-bandwidth areas?


Carl Williams

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