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Once Upon A Time Season Six: What To Expect

With the fifth season of Once Upon A Time recently ended, it’s still early for any concrete spoilers on the new season but some snippets have been leaked as to what can be expected for the sixth season of the hit fairy-tale drama. (Season 5 spoiler ahead! Read with caution.) Jordan ZeitlerJordan Zeitler is 33 years […]

Top 10 Best Scandal Quotes

So one of the best thing about ABC’s Scandal is waiting to hear the amazing and powerful speeches and quotes. No matter who it is, you can guarantee that at least one character will unload on someone in every episode. So here are my favorite quotes and speeches from the last 5 seasons. Enjoy! And […]

Scandal Season 6: At Last?

Most of the die-hard  fans have seen the new Scandal Season 6 promo photo with the “At Last” tagline. Many people are beginning to theorize the meaning behind the words. Does it mean the Fitz and Liv will be together and move to their Vermont love nest? Is it finally over between the two and […]

New Fall TV Show Trailers (Part 1)

As the networks begin releasing the trailers for their new series, we are seeing what looks to be a great new line-up of tv shows. As I watch the trailers, I am excited about some and not so excited about others. Here are my thoughts, show by show.   FOX’s 24: Legacy (Corey Hawkins, Jimmy […]

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