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Exclusive Interview With MK Ultra

An exclusive interview with MK Ultra, a solo artist from the states, very passionate about what he does and the work he puts into his music and performances. A very interesting guy and it has been an absolute pleasure getting to know him. Alix JonesMore Posts

Exclusive Interview With Dan From DFH

An exclusive interview with the very talented Dan Hull from DFH this guy is very skilled and almost reminds me of “Cradle of Filth” but without the multi pitch changes and female backups! He’s a rocker from Herkimer, New York, United states. (pure liquid metal) Alix JonesMore Posts

Exclusive Interview With As December Falls

As December Falls is an alternative Pop-Punk band from Nottingham (United Kingdom), female lead vocalist and three talented guys make up this kickass band. Their work has a nice fresh sound to it and a great feel, they came to me on Twitter and I am so glad they did, it was an absolute pleasure […]

Lights Out Storms Box Office

Lets talk Lights Out the new horror movie on the block.  Lights Out made quiet an entrance in the box office with over $100 million in such a short time. All made possible through the hard work of first-time feature director David F. Sandberg and James wan and casting Teresa palmer, Gabriel Bateman, Alexander Dipersia and many […]

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