Exclusive Interview With Dan From DFH

An exclusive interview with the very talented Dan Hull from DFH this guy is very skilled and almost reminds me of “Cradle of Filth” but without the multi pitch changes and female backups! He’s a rocker from Herkimer, New York, United states. (pure liquid metal)

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Dan through an interview I held on the 25th of august
and I can easily say, he’s a pretty cool dude and definitely worth your time. Check him out!

Q. How many members are in the band?

A. “I have one member so far and it’s me. I did use a drummer on the debut album but he was kind of young, so I couldn’t really work with him on anything serious.”

Q. How long have you been playing/performing?

A. “12 years on the guitar and about 19 on vocals.”

Q. Who would you say your style is like?

A. “I use to want to be like a certain person with the guitar playing. Lot of the extreme metal people like Alexi from children of bodom, chuck from death, dimebag does cool stuff. I also liked the guitar heroes like Stevie ray Vaughn, Steve Vai, Zappa, Joe Bonamassa, al di meola. After a while though I realized it’s important to be yourself. Figure out your own style. that is what counts.”

Q. Who would you like to be as big as in the industry?

A. “The industry, I’m not really focused on anymore. I think the most important part is the fans. They are the ones that support the band really. They support financially like come to shows, purchase music, tell their friends. The other stuff kind of gets in the way. It’s all about them and with enough fans you can do anything.”

Q. Who would you really like to perform with?

A. “I would like to play with some of my idols growing up, not necessarily metal either. Megadeth, Metallica or Motorhead would have been fun. Children of Bodom would also be cool. Dimmu Borgir as well. Death is another that would have been fun. Joe bonamassa because he’s a local from my area. I’m pretty open to jamming though, on anything with anyone it’s always a challenge to do something unfamiliar.”

Q. Who would you say inspired you to become an artist?

A. “I don’t think it really was any one person. I just kind of went in this solo project direction because of lack of options ha-ha.”

Q. Funny moments anything you can share with us?

A. Funny moments. I remember back when the band was called Messor Vernula we were rehearsing a cover “Reign in blood by Slayer.” During the last vocal part, I started singing it in a mickey mouse voice and the band could not have finished the rest of the song. The time the band met Across the Sun for our first show. I go so what do you guys do to pass the time being on the road so much and one of the guys opens up the door to the trailer and like 40 case of beer fallout off the trailer. I’m like oh cool man.”

Q. What are your plans for the future?

A. Record another album in a professional studio with more musicians on it. I have a drummer and bass player in mind to help out playing the parts. Do some live shows after that? See where it goes. Just keep doing what I’m doing but make small steps, that way stuff doesn’t start to fall apart again.

Q. Bad habits what are they and who does what?

A. “I use to drink not anymore. I smoke a cigar once in a while. I stay up too late sometimes and don’t know when to call it a night. I’m kind of messy. I spend way too much time on twitter.”

Q. Scary movies or action flicks?

A. “Evil dead series I like. I’ll pretty much watch anything with demons like the exorcist series. End of days is one of my favourites. I kind of like the stuff that really scares the s*** out of you.”

Q. Are you a secret chick flick fan?

A. yeah I watch some romantic movies. I’m not going to say which ones though,  I have to keep a few secrets.

That was the interview with Dan Hull of DFH, See links to the artist below and remember support the artist! Download 2 free tracks from the album Assassin (link below)

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