Monster Super League for Android Launches, Throws down Gauntlet in Front of Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is a phenomenon of a release.  I am sure someone somewhere knew it was going to be big but maybe not as big as it was.  Anyhow, with any level of success comes copycats or clones or what have you.  With those me too games usually comes one or two that are conceivably better than the original.  While I won’t go that far with Monster Super League, I can say it seems to have a lot more action in it than Pokemon GO does.  By a long shot.

First, Monster Super League ups the ante that Pokemon GO through down with much more action in the fighting and a whole world to explore.  Sure, it is not the “real” world outside but that is not what Monster Super League is about so it is cool.  Instead of going all GPS on people, 4:33 created a custom game world to do battle in and with it tons of unique creatures to battle and collect.

The world of Monster Super League is broken up into eight territories which are filled to the brim with 550 Astromon.  Astromon are the name of the creatures here, much like Pokemon is the name of the creatures in Pokemon GO.  Just like Nintendo’s collectathon, Monster Super League features battles between you and other trainers’ monsters.  This is where things differentiate between the two games and where I think Monster Super League hands Pokemon GO its walking papers.

Monster Super League features tons of options for upgrading your Astromon and your airship that you travel the world in.  Definitely worth looking into if you are not sick of the genre because of too much Pokemon GO.

Monster Super League by 4:33
Genre: Collecting, digital pets, fighting
Platform: Android, iPhone and iPad
In App Purchases: Yes
Rated: T for Teen on Google Play and 12+ on iTunes
Available now on and the iTunes App Store

Carl Williams

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