NVIDIA Shield Receives Pavilion – 2D Puzzle Adventure

2D puzzle adventures seem to be the new wave in gaming, especially if you are gaming on a mobile device.  Pavilion proves my point and it is releasing on the NVIDIA Shield before other platforms (such as PC via Steam, Playstation 4 and PS Vita).  Other games in this style are the Go games by Square Enix- Tomb Raider and Hitman or Monument Valley.  Now it seems that Visiontrick are wanting in on the 2D isometric view puzzle adventure market.  Now, how Pavilion plays is the hook needed to stand apart.

Pavilion is a fourth person adventure.  This means you are not in direct control of the character- rather you are leading him around the levels.  Similar to Lifeline by Konami for the Playstation 2 except you are not using your voice to tell the character where to go in Pavilion.  Instead you are looking around the levels and trying to find interactive elements that will, when activated, guide the character around.  These interactive elements could be a light shining in the level that could catch your characters attention.  Maybe a stone block that moves on a predetermined path to push, or give a ride to, your character around the level as needed.

It remains to be seen if this style of puzzle game will be received well with fans or not.  I am concerned that the price they are wanting for Pavilion is a little high for such an experimental game.  I just don’t think a lot of fans are going to be willing to take a chance on this one and that is going to hurt seeing more in this style.

Pavilion by Visiontrick
Genre: 4th dimension puzzle adventure
Platform: NVIDIA Shield now, PC via Steam, Playstation 4 and PS Vita later this month
In App Purchases: None
Available now on for the NVIDIA Shield.

Carl Williams

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  • mister_zero

    This looks seriously cool. It reminds me of Oddworld in the way that you sort of lead your character through an almost cinematic landscape.

    • Carl Williams

      Yes it does. When this hits “regular” Android I plan on grabbing it, if nothing else it may be an investment in seeing more like it.

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